Gum Acacia is used extensively in the flavour and beverage industry, where its natural properties are fully utilised.

The major property utilised is the natural ability of Gum Acacia to produce and stabilise emulsions. This functionality arises from the high molecular weight Arabinogalactan-Protein complex (AGP) which is an inherent part of the selected Acacia. Our research enables us to identify the best Acacia for this function.

Gum Acacia, arising from its compact structure, is also excellent for encapsulation of flavours as it emulsifies, has low viscosity, bland flavour and protects against flavour oxidation. The excellent solubility in aqueous solution, low viscosity, bland taste, neutral odour, fibre source and low calorie of Gum Acacia has lent itself to many nutritional applications. Our designed fibre source product Agri-Spray Acacia® Fibre affords all the benefits associated with soluble fibre without adverse effects to the textural properties of food products and beverages.