Gum Acacia has been used in pharmaceutical applications for many years and it is specified in National and International Pharmacopoeias, including Europe and USA.

The usage of Gum Acacia in pharmaceutical applications is based on its natural properties of emulsification, stabilisation, demulcent action, adhesiveness and binding action.

Gum Acacia is a 100% water-soluble non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) which is resistant to hydrolysis by the digestive enzymes of humans so delivers in excess of 85% total dietary fibre. Foods containing the requisite amounts specified in the pending EC Health Claims legislation can be labelled “contains a source of fibre”. Gum Acacia is approved for use in food (E414) with non-specified Accepted Daily Intake (ADI) by the EC. Our designed fibre source product Agri-Spray Acacia® Fibre affords all the benefits associated with soluble fibre without adverse effects to the textural properties of functional foods.

Recent research studies have shown the health benefit effect of Gum Acacia supplements on chronic renal failure patients. The preliminary research results suggest that this fibre source supplement has increased faecal nitrogen excretion and lower serum urea nitrogen concentration in patients with chronic renal failure.